Seat Saver


Anti-Chafing & Chamois Cream


If you cycle a lot, you know that one of the most important products you can use is a cream that protects the area where your skin comes into contact with the saddle. Pain and sore pain caused by the saddle are not a good result of cycling. With Hammer Nutrition's Seat Saver, your skin is the ideal product for preventing such pain.


Unlike typical charmant cream, the Seat Saver contains a wide range of scientifically substantiated, all-natural "skin-specific" ingredients that provide lubrication, anti-abrasion support and antibacterial protection. Seat Saver is easy to use, so try it! Before riding, apply a thin layer to the skin surface that comes in contact with your saddle and on the chamois layer on the inside of your pants. Bring the cream several times if necessary, bearing in mind that a little cream already results in a positive effect.

Although Seat Saver has been developed primarily with cyclists in mind, this does not mean that the cream can be used for other purposes. The Seat Saver is a powerful anti-abrasive / antibacterial cream. Runners, triathletes and other athletes find it an ideal product for skin protection against abrasion and other skin irritations caused by friction.